About The Book

Are you looking for new ways to re-energize your time with God’s Word?  Using the book of Psalms, Jeff Beckley provides unique and clever applications to passages and provides valuable lessons for your everyday life.  This devotional book will take you on a journey that will last an entire year, and revitalize one’s interest, love, and value in Scripture.  

Each devotional comes with a bottom line that is memorable and impactful.  Bottom Line is filled with real life lessons, hard-hitting challenges, humorous tales, and exciting interaction with the book of Psalms.  Tweens, teenagers, and young adults alike will find this devotional powerful and life changing.  Jeff Beckley helps the Word of God come alive, right in front of your eyes.  The reader will walk away each day with a challenge, and meaningful steps to be more like Jesus.

Here’s how it works.  The devotional is divided into small groups of passages that are able to be digested in a single sitting.  Each passage has an application story, experience, lesson, or challenge which connects the Scripture to their everyday life.  After each passage, the application is given an easy to remember, bottom line summary. 

So grab a notebook and pen, or feel free to write in the book itself, and see what the bottom line is for you today. 



“Practical applied wisdom from God’s word...that is what you find in this remarkable book of devotions from the Psalms. This book will be well worth the time invested in it by your teen. In fact adults would profit from it as well.”

Pastor Tom Wright, Senior Pastor at Memorial Baptist Church, Columbus, Ohio

“This is something that needs to be read, utilized – even devoured by the students you know. Jeff’s creative and practical approach to getting today’s teens into God’s life-changing Word is absolutely essential!”

Mel Walker, Co-founder of Vision For Youth, Inc., Author of Inter-Generational Youth Ministry

“Bottom Line” is an invaluable resource for both students and adults.  Jeff Beckley uses his gift of relevant applications to make both understanding and living out the Truth possible.   Highly recommended.”

Chip Bernhard, Chaplain of the Milwaukee Bucks, Lead Pastor at Spring Creek Church, Pewaukee, Wisconsin

“Jeff Beckley lays out a simple pathway that walks students through Psalms toward application and impact in their lives. This book is a great resource for anyone looking to develop students as Christ followers and leaders.”

Mark Artrip, Lead Pastor at Movement Church, Hillard, Ohio